Airport Projects

General Aviation Gravel Parking Lot paving PROJECT

The General Aviation Terminal parking lot paving project is scheduled to being on September 2023. The improvements include the paving and paint striping of the entire parking lot


North Apron Expansion Project


The airport will begin the north airport expansion project which extended the aircraft parking ramp to the north of the existing ramp that end adjacet to the Hendrick Motorsports Hanagar. 


Virtual Tower Demonstration Project

This project that was annouced in the Spring of 2022 is in the planning and design phase this summer and construction is anticipated to begin late fall or winter time period.  A camera tower will be constructed west of the existing terminal building and a control building will be constructed to the south of the existing general aviation terminal building.  This project is currently on hold as the FAA continues research this technology prior to allowing is implementation at US Airports.


For questions, comments or more information, please contact the Airport Project Manager, Rob Walter, via